Sunday, April 28, 2013



Q: Based on the novel you have studied, write about a valuable lesson you have learnt.

Based on the novel, The Railway Children by Edith Nesbit, a valuable lesson I have learnt is we should be kind and thoughtful to everyone, including strangers. This is seen in Roberta.

In this novel, Roberta asked the driver and the fireman to mend the broken toy engine. When Peter gave Roberta half his toy engine, she took the broken half. She wanted to get it mended for her brother. So she met the driver and the fireman to ask their help. They agreed to mend the broken toy. Some weeks later, she took Peter and Phyllis to meet the driver and the fireman. Peter was excited to see his engine mended.

Furthermore, Roberta hid the story about her imprisoned father from her brother and sister. Roberta went to the station to collect some old magazines. Perks wrapped the magazines with an old newspaper. On the way home, she stopped to rest. She read the newspaper. It is about her father. Roberta learnt that her father was in prison for spying. Nevertheless, Roberta did not tell Peter and Phyllis about it. She did not want them to be upset like her.

Finally, Roberta made Jim comfortable in the tunnel. Jim had a broken leg and cannot walk. So, she made Jim comfortable by put her petticoat under his broken leg. She talked to him and got the necessary information to help him. She found out that he is Jim from Northumberland.

In conclusion, it is clear that Roberta is kind and thoughtful to everyone, including strangers. It makes this novel interesting.

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