Saturday, April 27, 2013

Flipping Fantastic- Plot

Plot of the"Flipping Fantastic"

  • Exposition
The main characters, Tristan, James and Mum, are introduced. We also learn more about the twins and the upcoming school play.

  • Rising Action
Both Tristan and James have mixed feelings about going to their new schools. They are worried about being separated and whether they can adapt to their new schools.

  • Climax
The climax occurs the day after the school play. Tristan and James react very differently to the school play. They both realise how much they depend on each other and how difficult it would be to adapt to their new schools. Tristan is not sure whether to follow James to Highfields or to go to Chesterlea Grange on his own.

  • Falling Action
At first, Tristan tells his mother that he does not want to go to Chesterlea Grange. Then, James talks to him and Tristan changes his mind.

  • Resolution
This is the ending where the twins realise that they have made the right decision. They are both happy in their new schools.

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