Wednesday, December 1, 2010


Salam and hello everyone. Firstly, please accept my apology for not responding to the
messages in the chatbox. Things seemed to keep piling up towards the end of the year. Well, we're all moving forward to the end of the month, which is also the end of the year 2010. It's the month in which almost everybody starts checking their deeds for the whole year:

1. Have I achieved what I have planned for?
2. Am I half-way there? Or...
3. I stalled the moment I wrote my resolution because it looked too good to be true?

Some of us might be smiling and says Yes!!! I finally made it!! Or even there are people who would say....I knew I could do it!!! And some might still be upset and say...If only I have listened....If I knew it turned out to be this way, I wouldn't have done it!

Yes, this is the month we normally reflected upon our work, our results, our achievements, our failures, our weaknesses etc. Then, we start to ponder on our regrets and decide to turn a new leaf, writing a new resolution....and we do this every year.

NOW....for a change. Why don't we pick the area that we were weak in and improve that weak part of our life? This will help us to build a stronger characteristic. Identifying our strength and weaknesses is the turning point for a better self in the coming years. New year does not only mean New would be more meaningful if our resolutions make us a better man. It's like saving the world, you can always Re-use our strength, Reduce our weaknesses and Recycle our successful strategies.