Monday, June 13, 2011

Finding Tranquility and found it in this place.

I went to Bukit Tinggi last year and stayed in Meranti apartment. We had a good time in Bukit Tinggi and we even went to Genting Highlands on the second day. Then, my husband's friend suggested that we go to Janda Baik some other time. Janda Baik? What is so special about this place. I knew about this many years ago when teaching the Literature novel Jungle of Hope. So, to me, Janda Baik is located in the middle of the jungle. The characters came to my mind; of Pak Kia-and the villagers' hardship when opening the settlement. That was what I knew about this place. After some time, I have read in the newspaper about a few pricey resorts in this place and came to think..why are they so expensive? Why would people pay thousands of ringgit for just one night stay?So I went googling during the March school holiday about the resorts Janda Baik can offer. True, the rates that the villas offer were faaaar beyond our budget. I didn't give up. I read blogs about the resort in Janda Baik and I finally fell in love with D Ark Resort. So far, the reviews were very helpful and attractive. We decided to make a call and requested them to provide us the room rates. (there's no website of this resort). We booked the place almost 2 months earlier as we were worried that the place will be fully-booked in the mid-year school holidays.

Finally, the day came. We departed from Johor around 11 a.m, stopped at Ar-Rawsha in Pandan, KL for lunch and reached D Ark Resort around 4 p.m. The kids were so excited when they saw the river flowing in front of the resort. They quickly performed their prayers; we did Jama' Ta'khir and around 5.30..they all took their first dip in the river at Janda Baik.

The room rates as for 2011:
Seroja (Junior Suite) (1Q) RM 232.00 Nett; Dahlia (Superior-1Q, 1S)RM 186.00 Nett, Melur (Deluxe-1Q,1S) RM209.00 Nett. Melati (Deluxe-3s) RM209.00 Nett. Mawar (Exec.suite 1K) 301.60 Nett.

Standard (air-conditioned)4s RM220.00 Nett.

I highly recommend this place as it offers peace and tranquility. TEl: 09-2330031.