Saturday, April 27, 2013

Flipping Fantastic -Summary


Flipping Fantastic is a story about twin brothers, Tristan and James, who are about to be separated and sent to different schools when they leave primary school for secondary school. They have mixed feelings about going to their new schools and are anxious about this. Besides being worried about their separation, they are also concerned about whether they can adapt to their new schools, especially without each other's help. Their mother, who loves them both dearly and cares about them, is equally anxious.

The climax occurs the day after the school play. Tristan and James react very differently to the school play. They both realise how much they depend on each other and how difficult it would be to adapt to their new schools on their own. Tristan is not sure whether to go with James to Highfields or to go to Chesterlea Grange on his own.

After some thought and discussion, Tristan, who is disabled, finally decides to go to a special school, that is, Chesterlea Grange, while James goes to Highfields. In the end, the twins find that their worries are unnecessary as they both adapt to and enjoy their new schools. The twins realise they have made the right decision and are both very happy in their new schools. Tristan describes his new school as fantastic...hence the title, Flipping Fantastic.


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