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Flipping Fantastic- Characters

Main Characters

· Tristan

Tristan is the twin who has a physical disability. He moves around in a wheelchair and cannot walk or move his arms easily. He is also unable to dress himself or play football. Tristan is good in Maths and computers. He is also good in drama and acts very well as Tom Sawyer in the year-end school play. Although Tristan cannot play games, he is good at swimming.

Even though Tristan is disabled, he is emotionally stronger and more confident than James. However, Tristan is indecisive and changes his mind three times about going to his new school. He is also concerned about how James will manage without him and ask Kiara Jones to be James' 'special friend' and help him get used to his new school.
  • James
James has no physical disability. He is good in sports and plays football. James hates drama and does not like Jessica Parker. He lives in fear of her and her 'stupid laugh'.

James is shyer and less confidence than Tristan. He is also more nervous and very worried about going to new school without Tristan. This is mainly because he is very dependent on Tristan.
  • Mum

Mum is a loving, caring mother who supports her sons and wants the best for them. She is very concerned about her sons and does not get upset even when Tristan changes his mind a couple of times about going to his new school. Mum sees the good in both her sons and is extremely proud of them. She is a very determined mother and always has a positive attitude. Consequently, she does not like the negative word 'disability'.

Minor Characters

The teachers

· Mr Sewell

He is the twin's English and drama teacher. Tristan likes him very much.

· Mrs Robert

She is Tristan's favourite teacher in Peter Hill Primary. She teaches Maths.


Kiara Jones
Kiara plays football and Tristan arranges for her to be James' 'special friend' at Highfields to help him adapt to his new school. Both James and Tristan like her very much.

· Jessica Parker

She is with the twins at Peter Hill Primary. James does not like her and hates her 'stupid laugh'. However, Tristan fells that she only laughs at James because she wants him to notice her.

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