Saturday, January 14, 2012

NATURE- worksheet 1 -ELEMENTS

Fill in the blanks with words or phrases provided
1. Nature
2. swish of water in the gullies
3. God’s gift
4. colours and light
5. natural cycle of life
6. phases in life
7. sound of bees
8. personification
9. buttercups
10. H.D. Carberry
11. hot sunny days
12. metaphor
13. appreciate
14. beauty of nature
15. cold wet windy
16. experience
17. yellow stars
18. rainy days
19. similes
20. visualize
21. contrast
22. magnificent beauty
23. sound of bees
24. scent of honey
25. mango and logwood blossom

In the poem entitled “_____________” by _____________ the themes of the _________________________ and the many _________________________ are explored. The poet’s central message is the ____________________________. Through the use of poetic devices such as ____________, onomatopoeia and _______________, the poet allows the reader to ___________ the beauty of his homeland.

Among the dominant elements, is ________________. In the poem, imagery of sight such as “__________ have paved the earth with _________________” allows us to visualise the colourful side of nature. The poet has used words related to _________________________ to help the reader ________________ the beauty of nature. Imagery of sound is shown through “the ______________________________, the rain fall on the roof tops and the _______________________”. The “____________________” is an example of the imagery of taste. “________________________________” exemplify the imagery of smell.
______________________ is also used effectively and this is shown through “the tall grass sways and shivers to the slightest breath of air”. There is also _____________ in the poem, for example “the gold sun shines” and the magnificent “lush green cane fields”.

The poem highlights the beauty of nature during _________________, ___________________ days and _________________ and the harvest season. Each season has its ___________________. The poet has shown why we should ____________ and preserve ___________________ to us.

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