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This adventure story is set in 1862 when there were no modern facilities. The story starts in Hamburg, Germany and the journey takes Lidenbrock and Axel to Iceland where they meet Hans and together they go below the earth's surface. After four months, they get blown out of the center earth in Sicily before they finally make their way back to Hamburg, Germany.



Professor Otto Lidenbrock     -     An intelligent, determined and adventurous scientist

Axel Lidenbrock         -    A faithful and loyal nephew. He is young and easily scared.

Hans Bjelke             -    A brave Danish guide. He is very quiet but is always on hand to save the other two explorers.

Gretchen             -     A young woman who loves Axel.



1. Seeking knowledge

Professor Otto Lidenbrock went on a journey to the center of the earth to seek knowledge.

2. The spirit of adventure

The trio went on an adventure and experienced wondrous sights.

3. Explorations

To explore unknown places where humans have not gone before.

4. The wonders of the human mind

The human mind is forever seeking new knowledge and the mind of Professor Lidenbrock is a good example of this.

5. The wonders of Science

There is still so much that we do not know. We have to be brave to discover new wonders of Science.




Some values found in this graphic novel are:

1. When we really want something, we should persevere.

Uncle Lidenbrock refused to listen to Axel's excuses on why they should not go on the journey.

2. We should not endanger others because of our passion for something.

Otto Lidenbrock put Axel, Hans and himself in danger by going to the center of the earth.

3. We must dare to take risks.

Otto Lidenbrock dared to go on an adventure to the center of the earth.

4. We should take the opportunity to discover the wonders of Science.

The trio were willing to go down into the center of the earth to find out more about the earth beneath their feet

5. It is important to be courageous.

It took a lot of courage on their part to go into the enter of the earth

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