Thursday, August 27, 2009

"THE NECKLACE""Honesty is the best policy". Which story teaches you this value? Explain by using evidence from text to support your answer.

The story that I have read is "The Necklace" by Guy de Maupassant. Honesty is the best policy. In this short story, I have learnt about the importance of honesty.

The main character, Mathilde was very materialistic and yearned for luxuries. In order to show her wealth, she had borrowed a superb diamond necklace from her former classmate, Madame Forestier to attend a ball. After the ball, Mathilde discovered that she had lost the diamond necklace. Her husband, Loisel went on foot to retrace the entire route to search for it. Unfortunately, he returned home without finding anything. In this condition, Mathilde did not inform Madame Forestier that she had lost the necklace. However, she lied to her friend explaining that she needed time to mend the clasp of the necklace. This really showed that Mathilde did not potray any honesty.

In the short story, Loisel was another character who displaced dishonesty. When he knew that Mathilde had lost the necklace, he did not even want to tell the truth to Madame Forestier. He asked her wife, Mathilde to write to Madame Forestier and tell her that Mathilde needed some time to mend the clasp of the necklace.

Futhermore, though Madame Forestier did not literally lie, she displaced dishonesty by trying to cover up the fact that the necklace was paste. She did not tell Mathilde that the diamond necklace was paste and it was only worth five hundred Francs. If Madame Forestier had told Mathilde the truth earlier, Mathilde and Loisel would not suffer such hardship to earn money for returning the "paste" diamond necklace.

In conclusion, the characters in this story, Mathilde, Loisel and Madame Forestier had delivered the message containing the importance of honesty through their dishonesty. The lesson to be learnt is always be honest, because lies are capable of leading to another and eventually - endless disasters.

By: 4D 2009 May Ling, Jiun Kai, Ser Min, Amirul, Lydia.

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