Monday, August 17, 2009



Write about the female character that you like.

Based on the short story ‘The Drover’s Wife’written by Henry Lawson,the female character that we admired the most was the drover’s wife.
One of the characteristics that could be found in this story was being independent.This was proven when she was able to live in the harsh bush land,taking care of her four children while waiting for her husband to come home.
Besides that,she was very protective towards her children.For example,she didi not allow her eldest son to help her to kill children.She rather syayed up all night waiting for the snake to appear so that she could kill it.
Apart from that,she quickly ‘dashes from the kitchen,snatches her baby from the ground’when Tommy informed her that there was a snake.This emphasized that she was quick in action.
In a nutshell,we learnt that a mother should always protect her children from any unexpected danger.

From group 1 (4C): Cabita/ Nur Awatif Fatini/ Nur Amira Amiza/ Anasuha/ Ong Ching Yao

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