Thursday, August 27, 2009

THE DROVER’S WIFE.Love is important in a family. How is this shown in the story you have read?

Love is important in a family.This is shown in the short story I have read which is "The Drover's Wife".Tommy,the eldest son tries to hit the snake with a club bigger than himself.The snake darts into the woodshed and creeps under the house.

As the mother loves her son,she rushes out from the kitchen and stops Tommy.She makes the chidren stand together near the dog-house while she looks out for the snake.

At sunset and with the thunderstorm coming,she took the children into the kitchen instead of the house.She was afraid that the snake might come out through the cracks in the slab floor in the night.This shows how a mother's love for her children requires her to protect them.

She gives the chidren supper and tooks the pillow and bedcloths from the house.Then she makes a bed for them on the kitchen table.This is for her children's safety.The children are fast asleep while she sits in a chair by the bed with a club by her side,sewing and reading.She brings the dog into the kitchen.This shows that the mother is caring and being protective for her children.

When Tommy sees the tears in his mother's eyes,he hugs and promises her that he will never go droving as his father,the drover and leaves her behind.This shows that Tommy is a loving and sensitive son.

In this story,the mother's love and care is seen in how she deal with the snake.She is willing to face all kinds of difficulties and challenges in order to protect her children and family.This is because she loves her children and family very much.

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