Wednesday, April 23, 2014

The Railway Children: Answers- Worksheet 32, 34, 44, 45, 46.

Worksheet 34
4.hillside; crashing
5. alert; accident
6. red, petticoats, madly
7. twenty, succeeded
8. honour, bravery

Worksheet 44
1. home, station
2. Bobbie
3. Resting
4.bundle of magazines, in newspaper
5. headline
6. Five Years in prison For Spy
8. Five years in prison
9. a terrible dream
10. No

Worksheet 45
1. They were Bobbie, Peter, Phyllis, the first boy from the school in Maidbridge and the workmen.
2. There was a paper-chase and the children were watching it.
3. It is a game. One person is the "hare" and the other has a bag with pieces of paper which he will drop for the others to follow. The others in the game are the "hounds" and they have to follow the papers and find the "hare" before a designated place.
4. One of the workmen commented that the boys should not be going into the tunnel. Another workman said it was only a game but the first workman reminded him that the passengers should not cross the line. However, the other workman pointed out that the "hare" was not a passenger.
5. Everyone was happy and excited.

Worksheet 46
1. The first boy was the "hare" and he dropped pieces of paper for the boys to follow.
2. Then came the "hounds" who followed the pieces of paper.
3. The children climbed across the top of the hill to see the boys coming out of the other side of the tunnel.
4.The hare came slowly out followed by the hounds.
5. They waited and waited but the last boy in the red shirt did not come out.
6. Perhaps he's had an accident and we should go and have a look.
7. When the train came, they pushed themselves flat against the wall.
8. They saw the boy in the red shirt lying motionless on the ground beside the line.
9. He soon opened his eyes and told them he might have broken his leg.
10. Peter and Phyllis went to get help while Bobbie stayed with the injured boy.
11. Bobbie introduced herself and the boy told her his name was Jim.
12. The men from the farm arrived and carried Jim out on a stretcher.
13. Take him to our house as it is nearer and Mother won't mind.
14. Mother called for the doctor and informed Jim's school and his grandfather.
15. Jim's grandfather visited him and he was their Old Gentleman.

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