Tuesday, March 29, 2011


A glorious morning it is today as I am giving an English Proficiency course to 30 non-optionists teachers. The module aims at becoming an effective reader in which I have to help the teachers to develop an awareness that good readers have certain characteristics which help them to read more effectively.
What are the things I have accomplished this morning?
1.I carried out the first slot and here are some of their products for the 1st session. These presentations came from 3 activities. The first was to predict the reading passage entitled "The Good Reader". The Course Participants (CPs) have to write down their predictions beginning with the sentence "I think the article will say …".The CPs came out with predictions which led them to understand the test they were about to read.Mission accomplished. Objectives achieved.
2. The 2nd activity was where the CPs had to create a Questionnaire: "Am I A Good Reader?" after reading the text. They came up with relevant statements and managed to produce a simple questionnaire based on the text. Objectives achieved.
3. The 3rd activity was where the CPs had to design a Reading Superhero. This was fun. They had to present their superheroes with super reading powers. Objectives achieved. Mission accomplished.


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