Monday, September 28, 2009

The Sound Machine-Who is the character that stands out ?

Based on the short story of The Sound Machine by Roald Dahl,the character that stands out is Mr.Klausner.Mr.Klausner is a very knowledgable and innovative man.He discovering a sound machine that could record the presence of sound vibration in the air and convert them to a scale of audible tones.Next,he is obsessed to invent the sound machine.He also test is and prove it is able to detect sound that has no limit.Mr.Klausner took his sound machine box and headed for the park.He went to large beach tree and put on his earphones.Taking up his axe,he swing it hard and cut deep into the tree trunk.Immediately,he heard a long,harsh,growling scream.Lastly,Mr.Klausner invents a sound machine based own his own creativity.he has a very imaginative mind and is also very observant.Creativity does not come out of thin air,but through hard work as Klausner proves,through his experiments and observation.Mr.Klausner is able to be very creative because of his obsession too.

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