Tuesday, September 1, 2009

THE PEARL. Which character shows determination in the novel? Use evidence from the text to support your answer.

The character that shows determination in the novel, The Pearl is Kino. He is a poor pearl diver.
One day, he finds a great pearl. After finding the precious pearl, he places all hopes on it. He is determined to sell the Pearl of The World off instead of throwing it away. When he meets with the pearl buyer, they only offer him a very low price to buy the pearl. However, Kino refuses to bow down to the pearl buyers who try to cheat him, Therefore, he decides to sell the pearl to the cities in order to get a higher price.
Besides that, Kino also shows his determination in protecting the pearl.
The pearl has brought many problems to Kino and his family. Juana, his wife suggests that they destroy the pearl but Kino refuses and says that he will fight anyone who wants to take the pearl away from him. So, Juana decides to steal away the pearl but Kino had found it. He beats Juana due to the incident.
In the other hands, Kino also shows determination to protect his family.
When he finds the pearl, many men shows interests to the pearl including the trackers. They try to attack him by burning down his brush house and destroying his boats. So, Kino and his family escape from the trackers and hide themselves in the jungle but the trackers continue to follow them into the jungle. In order to protect his family, Kino killed one of the trackers in self-defence.
In conclusion, Kino shows his determination to sell the Pearl of The World besides determined to protect the pearl and protect his family from being attacked by the trackers.

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