Tuesday, April 28, 2009

I'M GOING BONKERS!! Allah..please give me strength and hope.

I guess I haven't been blogging for quite some time, and I finally admit that I can't afford TIME. Professionally speaking, teaching has become a minor part of a teacher's job. There are just endless lists of deadlines to meet. After the State Level Choir Competition on 23rd April, I have to prepare my choir team for the District Level Teacher's Day Celebration, which will be on 27th May 2009. While getting to that date........,
1. as the committee member of the Disciplinary Board, there are cases that require meetings after meetings in the afternoons. Yesterday we had a meeting until 5 something, pertaining to discipline matters.
2. Today, there'll be a meeting for the QLA (Quantum Leap Award), and ....
3. at 2.30 there'll be our weekly Buddy Support System agenda....until 3.30.

Aaaaaat the same time, I am way behind schedule to submit my Action Research report and my SKPM documents. Not to mention we had just finished our monthly test and it's the keying-in festival where teachers rush to key-in the students' marks. Once they have been keyed-in, I felt a great relief. One major task is done, and a few hundreds more are waiting.

A few other things that are bothering me....
1. NEXT WEEK....we'll be expecting:
i) visits by Jemaah Nazir Sekolah. So the admin had given us a schedule for the exercise books routine
ii) visits by the QLA officers
iii) visits bt the SKPM officers

2. NEXT WEEK......i've got to get my choir team to prepare for the Teacher's Day Celebration, and prepare my classes for their Mid-year exam.

..........i can't think anymore........

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